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Meet Our Global Network Of Production & Film Fixers

Fixer Egypt is more than a local team of film fixers. The passion and determination that characterizes every crew member are undeniable. We are part of a global family of dedicated production fixers – Storytailors video production company. Our worldwide network of partners is the secret to our leading support. In the country of pyramids and pharaohs, just like in any other corner of the world, we have one main goal. To ensure foreign filmmakers get access to local resources and adequate assistance. That is why we strive, from day one, to offer you information and access to top-of-the-line supplies. Let us give you a sample of our work here, at Fixer Egypt.


Our Senior Production Specialist

Zeina is a Director & Producer with extensive international experience, previously involved in projects across over 40 territories of the Storytailors network. She worked in producing content used by platforms and clients such as Netflix and BBC or brands like Aston Martin. Previously she directed and produced a number of high profile TV commercials and documentaries filmed in the Middle East and North Africa for clients in various countries.

A very small selection of our behind the scenes pictures