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The homeland of the pyramids, Egypt is a piece of heaven for those in search of scenic spots. Finding the perfect décor for your video production is a breeze between the sand dunes. In these borders, hidden wonders, impressive architecture, mystical history, and fascinating traditions await.

For the best Egypt filming locations, you can trust a local expert to reveal the gems off the beaten track. Partner up with us and enjoy the top services we offer. Rely on our location scout to help you identify the ideal place for your production. Enjoy the gorgeous scenery and leave paperwork, film permits, and more, on our hands.

Egypt Filming Locations – Nile Valley

There are many wonders hidden throughout the Egypt filming locations. Whether they date back to ancient times or are a modern development result, the Nile Valley is home to many. You can easily recognize from documentaries or TV shows some iconic spots. Along the river, wildlife diversity, as well as human civilization have evolved. However, you may also consider doing a documentary or commercial production.

In any case, you will see that our production assistance is very valuable. Filming in the Nile Valley can be challenging for filmmakers. However, we assist with getting the film permits and approvals, understanding local regulations. The Nile Valley and Delta provide endless filming potential. With the help of a local fixer, you will not miss out on any opportunity. From the Luxor temple to the Nile Delta natural reserve, get ready to find yourself in awe. As a result, you can spend all your time getting creative behind the camera and trust us with the paperwork.

Egypt filming locations Nile Valley

Filming in Cairo

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) or The Blue Elephant (2014) are just some productions based on filming in Cairo. The capital of Egypt, known as “the mother of the world” is the largest city in the Arab World. The contrast between history and modernity finds an exquisite balance here. The city stands out among the Egypt filming locations through several traits. Thanks to its proximity to the pyramids and Sphinx, it allows very convenient access to them.

At the same time, “the city of thousands of minarets” is a vibrant urban settlement. To capture the true energy of this bustling city, count on our production support. Our experts will take you through the procedures for getting film permits in Cairo. We can put you in contact with local providers of gear rental. Contemporary or straight out of a history page, Cairo is a multi-faceted location. It is up to you to choose which side matches your video production.

film permits Egypt Cairo

Egypt Filming Locations – Alexandria

Alexandria is much more than a Mediterranean port city in Egypt. It is one of the most representative among the Egypt filming locations. That is because the country’s film industry began here. A pioneer in many areas, Alexandria is also home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. For filmmakers, exploring all the secret treasures of this ancient city should be fun. So our location scout manager provides insightful guidance for any production company.

Filming in Alexandria should be all about getting the most telegenic angles. To keep worry clouds away from your blue sky, count on our production assistance. We can explain and guide you through the procedures for getting film permits. In general, processing time varies from 10 days to three weeks. Approvals for some locations or interviews with officials can take up to 14 days. Underwater, safari, or drone filming requires up to three weeks. Drop us a message to know more!

Egypt filming locations Alexandria

Filming in Sinai

We could not cover the main Egypt filming locations without mentioning Sinai. This rich peninsula is the entry point to the coast of the Red Sea. Here, you can shoot the most stunning beaches and worldwide famous diving locations. With the support of an experienced film fixer in Egypt, you know that your video production will be a hit. Use the outdoor End of the World Cinema or one of the religiously relevant monuments as set. Teleport the action to a post-apocalyptic world or way back to the past. And if monasteries are not a match, perhaps the luxurious resorts in Sharm el-Sheikh will be. If you find it hard to decide, our location scout manager is always willing to give a competent opinion. For the more intricate procedures, including film permits, you can also rely on our team. Experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated, Fixer Egypt is a message away.

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