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Professional Fixer in Egypt - Reliable Production Support

Iconic, massive, straight out of the history books, that is how filming in Egypt is often pictured. Get ready for impressive monuments and remnants of the ancient civilizations. The country of pharaohs is rich in telegenic locations, as well as well-prepared crew.

Fixer Egypt is the local support provider you need. An oasis in the middle of the desert, our assistance takes away many stressful factors. While you stay behind the camera to get the best angle on the pyramids, we untangle the film permit steps. With the help of our location scout manager, you get to explore incredible shooting spots, far from the crowds. Our priority from day one is to make sure you have everything you need to be creative.Fixer Egypt - Filming in Egypt

Having a rather controversial recent history, Egypt may also spark the interest of the press. Fortunately for foreign reporters, we also provide the service of journalist fixer.

We have a wide network of local contacts to help with access. You can get one step closer to unveiling a secret or chasing an intricate story. Dive deep into any topic and spend as much time as you need behind the camera. We can take care of the details for you. The best part of working with Fixer Egypt is the service rate. With us, you don’t have to break the piggy bank to get the support you deserve. Choose Fixer Egypt, choose top production support!

Benefits Of Working With A Fixer In Egypt

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No matter the location where you are shooting, you want the odds (and ancient gods!) to be in your favor. When filming in Egypt, there is one way to obtain that. And it does not involve any sacrifice, except for a bit of your time. Collaborating with a dependable film fixer in Egypt is a great way of ensuring things go well on set.

Find the best angle of the Sphinx or capture the timeless flow of the Nile. Explore the back alleys of bustling souks and enjoy our all-encompassing production assistance.

Fixer Egypt is the ace you want to have up your sleeve. We know how to negotiate and get the sweetest deals for you. Count on us to help you get the most convenient rates on gear rental. With us as your film fixer in Egypt, resources will not vanish in the desert. And we strive to ensure foreign producers filming in Egypt pay local rates.

As you chase the most compelling stories and locations, we stand by your side. And have no doubt, the team at Fixer Egypt is here to stay. We can help you tell the difference between the real deals and mirages. Open your eyes (and camera lens) to all the wonders the land of the pharaohs comprises. Take one step further and soak into the local vibrant culture, so mesmerizing. And trust Fixer Egypt to assist you with all the local regulations and supplies.


Filming In Egypt With Us

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Ancient, mystical, mesmerizing: filming in Egypt is an all-encompassing experience. Explore golden beaches, colossal ancient remnant as the pyramids, eclectic architecture. Follow the river or step on the side alleys of Cairo, for contrasting angles on Egyptian life. Get everything set for the first day of shooting, from gear to crew or location. We have an offer hard to refuse.

Fixer Egypt is a leading production assistance provider. We handle the filming requirements of foreign filmmakers with patience and determination. So whether you need support to get a film permit or need an addition to your crew, give us a shout. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to supply promptly. And when you are filming in Egypt with us, you do not have to rob a pyramid. Nor will our location scout manager leave you dry in the middle of Sahara.

Our rates are among the most convenient on the market and our passion is unbeatable. Production assistance is our passion and we put our heart into making sure you have everything. Indulge yourself in the enchanting vibes of the Middle East and capture its essence on film. In the meanwhile, rely on our dedicated team to assist with negotiation and protocols. For sweet deals on gear rental, affordable crew for hire, and the most telegenic locations, we are here. Fixer Egypt does not stop until your video production ideas get turned into reality. Drop us a line if you want to talk!

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